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Had such a lovely lovely day today. Met Nelli for a coffee from Nordic Bakery and sat in Golden Square for a while. Then I walked home by a really long route along the river and went to have a look at St Pauls all lit up in the dark and I was having one of my moments when everything just feels good for no particular reason at all. Later I went to Southbank christmas market with some friends from halls and got bailey’s hot chocolate. Ended up with a whiskey in the pub across the road and yeah, it’s been so chilled.

Basically I’m just so lucky to be living in a city I’m completely in love with.

Sitting in my bed wrapped in a blanket with a glass of wine and my textbooks spread all over the place trying to finish this biochemistry worksheet while listening to the rain beat against the window.

Feeling a lot better about life since going out for a walk despite the insane wind. I’ve just got to remember not to stay cooped up in my tiny room being unproductive because then everything seems worse than it is.